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Criminal Department

The Criminal Department receives, files and processes all suits filed by the District Attorney on behalf of the State of Louisiana against individuals who are charged with breaking the law or are indicted by a grand jury. This department also maintains the minutes of the Court.

  • Criminal Suits
    These records include all felony and misdemeanor charges.

  • Non-Support
    These suits are filed by the State to assist custodial parents in collecting child support.

  • Traffic
    This docket includes citations issued by law enforcement agencies in the Parish.

  • Juvenile
    Juvenile Court is closed court and the records are not public.
Criminal Department Fees

As of August 1, 2014, Act 145 became effective. Louisiana R.S. 44:9 relative to expungements has been repealed. We have made available on our website the newly required forms that were created and adopted as part of the new expungement legislation (C.Cr.P. Article 971 through Article 995). Please note that this office cannot provide any advice or assistance in completing the forms.

The following fees shall be remitted to the Jackson Parish Clerk of Court office at the time of the filing of the motion to expunge. In accordance with the Act, the Clerk shall then immediately remit the fees, along with the motion, to the proper entities.

$50 Money Order payable to the 2nd Judicial District Attorney
$50 Money Order payable to the Jackson Parish Sheriff
$250 Money Order payable to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
$250 Money Order payable to the Jackson Parish Clerk of Court

In addition, a $50.00 money order shall be provided in DWI cases and made payable to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

PLEASE NOTE: These fees are non-refundable. Motions for Expungement must be submitted on the new forms or they will be rejected by the Louisiana State Police and fees will not be returned.


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